Sept 20th, 2007: This week is the start of a small story-arc compliments of our good friend Kirt from canonfire. He suggested a simple one-shot parody of Caddyshack (a favorite of mine and yours I'm sure and if you haven't seen it you should be flogged) involving a certain god of gnomes to-be-named-later. After much pondering on the subject and some actual research on the golf course, (fore!) I of course have ran away with the idea and it's now a full blown movie parody. This strip is also the premier of the heretofore unseen Phyton, god of nature and beauty. Phyton is a very cool deity that gets no face time in Greyhawk products, but the way he is presented in the LG Gazetteer, he reminds me of a golf course groundskeeper, go figure. The rest with Pyremius as Bill Murray's character I assure you was deliberately planned by me not Kirt, and it will soon make sense. Just keep reading Caddyhawk!...Enjoy.

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