Sept 6th, 2007: This week's topic, compliments of Greytalk's Maldin, is a continuance of the theme swirling around since Gencon 2007. When I was going to Gencon I was buzzing about one thing and that was the release of Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk. It was a hot topic of discussion well since last winter when Erik Mona began teasing us with rumors of a secret project. Then Living Greyhawk got in on the act by designing a whole Core campaign around the soon to be released adventure and that got me interested even though I've never ran a single LG mod before! So when I finally go to the Con that is when the 4E bombshell hits and later that week the announcement of Living Greyhawk's end in 2008 is dropped on us. Needless to say for me and I'm sure many many other GH fans that stole the hype from the Con and probably hurt sales for the adventure. After all when you only have a year till a new edition, do you start a new character, or do finish out your current campaign? Tough choices for LG players. I think someone took the news a little harder than any of us however...Check it out.

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