Aug 30th, 2007: This week's madness is brought to you by the demented mind of Cebrion (which calls into question who he in fact edits material for). The subject is a recent controversy involving Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk. If you haven't heard about how the module ends then I won't spoil it for you but the comic will make more sense if you DO in fact buy it, go to the end of the book and read how the Expedition ends. The controversy is not even in -how- it ends but how the ending got in there. According to the authors of the adventure, the end was essentially added by Wizards of the Coast after it was out of their hands. Damned near the same time of its release there was the announcement of 4th edition, the cancellation of Living Greyhawk and the removal of Greyhawk as the Core world. I believe it's a conspiracy to destroy Greyhawk and all it stands for. Let's eavesdrop in on how this decision was made. Despair!

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