Aug 23rd, 2007: Welcome back readers, I hope everyone's Gencon was more interesting than mine. Don't ask. Before I get started, here is the solution to last week's Greyhawk Castle Puzzle, if you haven't tried it then don't click that link, go back to the front page and check last week's link.
I'm not breaking any big news when I tell you the talk of Gencon 2007 was the announcement of 4th edition D&D. This has many ramifications, none of which will affect my ability to continue this comic(so far). In hand with this big bomb shell, it was announced that the RPGA will cancel Living Greyhawk in 2008 and change it over to Living Realms. I played Living Greyhawk only once in my life, but I enjoyed talking about it and I knew many of its authors, so I consider the move a snub of monumental proportions. Where this leaves the Greyhawk franchise for the future is anyone's guess. In the meantime, the gods of Greyhawk, like Lendor, will count the days until the next rebirth of the setting. Catch ya on the forums and enjoy!
p.s. Older 'hawkers will note the image is an homage to Page 5 of the 83 Greyhawk Guide. I think the art was by Easley and the vine work by Darlene.

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