Aug 15th, 2007: Welcome to the third annual Gencon special. This time I take a crack at the Greyhawk event of the summer, Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk. As I will be at gencon Thursday to hopefully mock the authors in person, I am bringing this to you early. Greyhawk Castle in its many editional variants is possibly the most famous dungeon out there. To my credit I ran GH Ruins at least twice all the way through and I can't wait for this new take on the ruins which should play out as a sequel to GHR. This newest book also has opportunities to adventure in GH City which is a shot in the arm for the city that we haven't had since the old Living Greyhawk Journals. For those looking for more tie ins to Expedition, check out Living Greyhawk's home website for their extended campaign with the dungeons. This should be all original material that can fill in the early careers of PCs before the Expedition. Also worth reading is grodog's archive on Gygax's original Castle. Love them or leave them all these versions of Castle Greyhawk have their merits to canon (yes even the joke castle has some bits that stuck). Just follow the links and then put your thinking caps on. Enjoy!


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