Aug 9th, 2007: This week we check back in on those goofy Tharizdun cultists. When last we saw them, one cultist was on Nerull's door after bleeding to death from a bite wound from an invisible beholder. Hmm this is becoming a storyline! Anyhow, this comic touches on a couple topics. One is the 'legendary' 333 Gems of Tharizdun from The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun. I am not sure of the properties if any of these gems, but 333 is considered the holy number of Big T so that alone explains their importance. The other point is taking death in D&D for granted. There are a multitude of ways to bring a dead character back from death, that is if you have the resources. I wonder what the cultists have that is valuable? Hmm. Check out the issues and enjoy!
p.s. I know Tharizdun cultists are cut off from their deity and likely don't have the ability to Raise Dead, especially since they worship the god of entropy and well I've said too much. Just read!

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