Aug 2nd, 2007: This week features an oft overlooked deity, Istus. It is also the debut of the even LESS known Dorgha Torgu (God of Material Dimensions and Elements). You won't find him in the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer or in any published products either yet his part in Oerth history while brief is monumental. At one time his station in the Baklunish pantheon must have been equal to Istus. Information on him can only be found in the Oerth Journal issues #12 and #22. The article Thus Spake Gary Gygax: Ye Secrets of Oerth Revealed says:
"It is said that Dorgha Torgu is the outcast of the deities of Oerth. This is because he is the one from whom came the Rain of Colorless Fire upon the Suloise Empire, thus violating both his Neutrality and his charge. While the Invoked Devastation of the Suelwas wrought through the vilest of the Evil powers, the counter response was unjust despite provocation. Swayed by the evil counsel of Vilp-akf'cho Rentaq, that alien thing which is called an Elder Elemental God, Dorgha Torgu bent dimensions and loosed unnatural elements in his charge so as to precipitate upon the Suel realm the near-invisible and unquenchable flames that consumed the land, burning even rock to powdery ash. Shunned now by all deities not of malign bent, Dorgha Torgu, the Outcast of the Gods, wanders his domain in remorse."
And the article, Origins of the Twin Cataclysms adds:
"With the ashen staff, Ilkben and eight other Bakluni mage-priests performed a ritual combining all four elemental energies into one. At the climax of the ritual, Ilkben inserted the staff into a 2-inch hole at the very center of Tovag Baragu and opened four gates to the Elemental planes. Though what occurred next was unclear even to eyewitnesses, it is believed that Dorgha Torgu (greater god of natural elements and demiplanes) emerged from a gate and aided the waning spellcasters. By sacrificing his own divine ranks Dorgha Torgu empowered the spell"
And of course those Mage-Priests survived thanks to the gods, like Istus goddess of fate, whom you know FULL WELL realized what she was doing would screw the Flanaess in the future. Thanks alot Istus. Check out the issues and enjoy!

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