July 26th, 2007: This week features a character with one of the most impressive title in Greyhawk: The Beloved an hated of Graz'zt, Matriarch of Diabolists, Mother of Iuz, Daughter of Baba Yaga, Apprentice of Zagig, the Witch-Queen of Perrenland, and author of the Demonomicon. Yes, it is Iggwilv. She has been around since the early days of Greyhawk, the villain behind such modules as the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth and Isle of the Ape, but she made her first truly deadly appearance in the 2nd edition adventure, Return of the Eight. Ever since then her star has risen in the setting. Paizo Publishing started it with Wayne Reynold's flatteringly evil cover of her in Dungeon Magazine with Graz'zt for the adventure Fiend's Embrace. This soon led to the wildly popular ongoing series for Dragon Magazine, the Demonomicon of Iggwilv. Not only did this article focus on Demon Princes and Abyssal layers, it expanded upon her own personal background. This series of course led to the popular hardback book, Hordes of the Abyss. Now Greyhawk's diva, Iggwilv has a full fledged role with complete stats (and her own familiar named Black Comet) in this month's installment of the Savage Tide Adventure Path (Dungeon #149, cover by James Ryman). Let's see what she thinks of this latest addition to her resume. Enjoy!

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