May 3rd, 2007: This week features Lolth, demon goddess of Drow and mass merchandizing. That said, Lolth is happy to present her newest product to us Greyfans: Expedition to the Demonweb Pits. This is Wizard's latest 'Expedition' mega-adventure (Castle Greyhawk and Undermountain to follow), a 3.5 edition rendition of the classic Queen of Spiders module. I have only skimmed the mod, but word of mouth online seems to be favorable for this book despite its formatting and probable lack of hard Greyhawk content. Not that Greyhawk content is necessary for this mod since its essentially a 'planar-quest', but still, is it me or has Lolth really got snooty about her fame and celebrity since her humble Greyhawk days? Check it out.

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