April 26th, 2007: I am sure by now everyone who reads my comic knows about Wizard's cancellation of Paizo's license for Dragon and Dungeon Magazine. This move deeply affects me as it does alot of you I'm sure so I don't need to go into that. However as it relates to this comic, those magazines were a constant source for new Greyhawk themed jokes and social commentary. I now feel as if the rug is pulled out from under me. Nevertheless, Greyhawk has gone to ground before and survived, plus it lives on in Living Greyhawk, even though my finger isn't on the pulse of that campaign as much as I'd like. Regardless, I will strive to keep the Grey-humor going in these pages.
This week is a double feature. The first is an homage to the cartoon inspiration of my youth, back at a time when Dragon magazine was more than just crunch and blatant product tie-ins. The second comic is also an homage, to my favorite comic of the Dragon, Dave Trampier's 'Wormy'. You can still see some of his strip archived here. Have a look and enjoy.


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