April, 5th 2007: Today is part two of Gods in Space Episode V. As Theocrat pointed out on the Wizards forums, there has not been an episode I-IV yet. Never fear, there will be more installments of Gods in Space someday. And years from now there will be the Director's cut of G.i.S. and then the Extended Version and the Remastered Version with all new graphics!
Back to this week's comic, for those who have not heard of the Grinder it is part of Greyspace, the Spelljammer sourcebook for Oerth's solar system. The Grinder is different than a typical asteroid belt though... it is not donut shaped, instead it is spread out in a hollow spherical shape surrounding Oerth and the sun (Liga). So for Spelljamming vessels to get to Oerth they can't avoid the Grinder. Pretty cool. I could go on about the Grinder all day so just check out this link and enjoy, Gods in Spaaaace.

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