March 8, 2007: Where to start with this one? Well first off here is a link to the solution to last week's Greyhawk Crossword. I hope you enjoyed it. Maybe I'll try it again sometime this year. Now onto this week's subject. Way back around 1975, there was a small Dungeons and Dragons paperback rulebook titled Blackmoor (I happened to have picked up this very book at the last Gencon, its a classic). In it is the first ever published D&D adventure, the Temple of the Frog. It's full of killer frogs, mad cultists and yes...magi-tech! Years later Dave Arneson's Blackmoor setting was updated for a short lived Expert D&D series that included the City of the Gods and again the Temple of the Frog. Now in 2007 someone at Wizards has yet again updated the Temple for 3.5 edition. I highly reccomend it. What does all this have to do with Greyhawk? Well technically it has nothing to do with Greyhawk canon as we know it, yet I have found there is a good deal of confusion and speculation that Wastri, god of amphibians has something to do with the Temple of the Frog, despite his name never appearing in any of the three incarnations of the module. Murlynd could tell you differently. Enjoy.

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