Feb 22nd, 2007: Warning! Shameless pun ahead! This week we revisit another pair of neglected Greyhawk deities, Xerbo and Osprem. They were last seen a staggering 77 comics ago, so I felt it was high time (or...high tide?) to bring them back to help poke fun at the classic Isle of Dread. As you may or may not remember, (X1)The Isle of Dread was originally written in 1980 by David Cook and Tom Moldvay for the Expert D&D Set. Note this means it was not part of the World of Greyhawk. Despite this I own three copies of it myself! The mod was very innovative with its uncharted player map and a host of new creatures like the aranea and the phanatons. Fast forward a couple eons later in Dungeon #114, and our own Gary Holian published his homage to the Isle by importing it to the southerly seas of Oerth. And thus ensued much discussion, debate and widespread Olman development (another issue altogether!). Needless to say the Isle of Dread is now part of Greyhawk published history as it has become center stage for most of Dungeon's current Savage Tide adventure path. As you will see, even the gods didn't see this one coming. Enjoy.

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