Feb 15th, 2007: This week's comic is a request from Mortepierre on the Wizards boards. It is the debut of Jascar, brother of Fortubo. Both are known from the old Dragon Magazine articles on the Suloise gods. Jascar in fact was omitted from the 83 Gazetteer list of deities. (As was Osprem) One reason for this might have been because Jascar is one of many Greyhawk gods of the earth and metal. Fortubo is 'stone, metal and mountains' while Jascar is 'hills and mountains'. There is also Ulaa and Bleredd making these portfolios seem rather redundant. The topic of this strip involves another article from Dragon Magazine #241, 'Legacy of the Suel'. In this article it describes several playable races that were created by the Suel Empire for various purposes. Unfortunately this practice, still carried on by the Scarlet Brotherhood, has rubbed one of our redundant heroes the wrong way. Don't believe me? Check the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer. In the meantime, enjoy.

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