December 28th, 2006: HUZZAH! This is officially my 100th straight week of W.o.G. comics. Of course there have been features in Oerth Journal, caption contest prizes and various other side stuff, but this is the 100th regular strip I've done and boy am I glad to have finally got to this plateau. It was a goal of mine from the start, to get to triple digits and with the exception of some lulls I'm still going strong. Last week was my second mega-Needfest Special, I've done collaborated comic ideas and to tie a ribbon on the end of 2006 I am breaking down the proverbial fourth wall. Today's special strip takes us back to the very first WoG comic with a cast of now very familiar deities. Thanks for reading and supporting my modest webcomic, and I'll try my best to get to 200 (No promises this time though!). ... Enjoy.

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