December 20th 2007: I made it! The third annual Needfest Special! Last year's 'How the Gruumsh Stole Needfest was a doozy to top, so I wasn't even going to try this time. So instead I have decided to sacrifice my principle goal in making the comic(that is not using a certain overused deity) since I have finally acheived the milestone of 150 straight weeks. This holiday classic parody riffs on a well known but highly disputed Greyhawk topic. It is a topic I felt could not be sufficiently covered except with the Needfest Special. Needless to say in the process of making this issue, editions have collided and canon-reality has been twisted. Many new characters debut in this issue for what I hope is a one-time appearance. But all bets are off now. Check it out....and enjoy! Happy Needfest!