From the home campaign of Mortellan!
VALKAUN DAIN (CG Male Suel(Cruskii) Fighter 20+)

"Valkaun Dain is one of the Night Shadows, an organization of Suel Babrbarians divinely chosen every five years to be champions, heroes and leaders of men. His signature armor is Shadow Dragon Hide armor and his weapon of choice is the Long Sword of Sharpness "Fury". In addition to being a famed dungeoneer and dragonslayer, Valkaun is noted for being a thorn in the side of Iuz, the Horned Society, Ivid the Undying. But his greatest nemesis was Blackblood the Assassin, a fellow barbarian who seemed to be his polar opposite in every conflict. Valkaun was once Captain of the Cairn Hills Force and has served as warband leader for more than one barbarian raid on the Aerdy and Stonefist. Not to be left out is his outer planar exploits, namely in the realms of Asgard where he continues his adventures in the afterlife after having a mountain in the Corusks collapse on him while in battle with a dragon. What a way to go." -Mortellan

Valkaun (and Mortellan the wizard) found his fortune early by exploring the ruins of Castle Greyhawk. Even after he cleared out the dungeons, he 'fixed the place up' and rebuilt the castle. No it wasn't renamed Castle Dain." -Mortellan