Y the UNGNOME (Male human Wizard-Conjurer)

"Y possesses a dizzying array of scars and tattoos. His back was lashed by orc slavers in the Pomarj. His face is half covered by a bird of prey in an ancient Sulmish style that is the focus of the residual spirit of an evil wizard from that time. His hands and arms are covered with additional identifying tribal scars and Sulmish tattoos from his time in the Bright Desert area.

Y is a packrat, enabled by his penchant for magical laziness. He constantly travels via servant horde, on anything from a simple wooden platform in dangerous areas, to a covered seat or couch for travel in safe areas. He is followed by one or more floating disks carrying his accumulated possessions, typically with unseen servants managing it and keeping anything from falling off. Late in his career he picked up an intelligent dancing lantern.

Ys history is rather confused. He was born in Keoland, with its attitudes about magic. Compounding the basic prejudices, he learned magic from a gnome, said race having developed a particularly bad reputation during the 590s. He took his name from a tradition of his teacher, choosing a pseudonym to prevent being caught with naming magic.
Originally Y planned to be a necromancer, figuring that if he was going to be burned at the stake for knowing magic and training with gnomes he might as well deserve it. His early adventures led to him relying extensively on summoned creatures, and as a result he shifted his attentions to conjuration. From that he swiftly developed a reputation as the Badger Mage from his habit of summoning large numbers of the creatures.
Ys early career was spent in and around the Bright Desert, where he became caught up in the conflict between Rary and Karistyne. Although Y favored Rary, mostly expecting to gain greater rewards from the powerful wizard, the large number of do-gooders in the area resulted in him fighting to help Karistyne. When that conflict wound down Y somehow found himself back in the Sheldomar, adventuring up and down its length from Bissel to the Sea Princes, from the Crystalmists to the Pomarj. He managed to come to the attention of various important personages there, and ultimately moved on, looking for a place where he could focus on gaining more of the creature comforts and magical power he desired while hopefully avoiding the constant stream of political entanglements that he feels are a plague on his life."

"For some reason, 'The Badger Mage' has most recently been adventuring in the Vast Swamp..." -Mortellan