TE'ADORA (Female Olman Monk)

"Te'adora is an inquisitive young monk. Her father was a cranky monk-wizard who adventured and then returned to the Amedio to find some quiet. Te'adora finally annoyed him enough that he teleported her and her pet monkey to Loftwick and disappeared leaving her to explore the Yeomanry. She fell in with a group of other misfits.. er, adventurers and started taking on goblins and hobgoblins. One of her party members is a priest of Hextor and she considered becoming a monk of Hextor, but opted instead to follow the path of Tedium and Lendor."

"First off, yes. Te'adora resembles a certain other famous female explorer. Second, the highlight of Te'adora's career was when she actually got to meet Lendor..." -Mortellan