MAGNUS BJORNSSON (CG Male human (suel) Barbarian 3/ Fighter 4)

"Magnus Bjornsson, of the Howling Wolf clan of Fruztii, hails from the Red Glacier region of the southwestern Corusk Mountains. Even as a child, he earned renown for his superior strength and valor, though his first true battles occured during the Greyhawk Wars. Magnus was called to fight alongside the three Kings of Rhizia against the false Vatun, who in reality was Iuz himself . When the demigod was unmasked, he called forth an army of Abyssal horrors to cover his escape. The ensuing battle claimed many lives, including Fruztii King Ralff, but Magnus survived, scarred but tempered by the experience.

In 585, newly crowned King Hundgred sent many promising young warriors to train with and learn the ways of the elite Ratikkan military forces. Magnus was among those selected. While garrisoned at Ratikhill he met Liliana Aundavir, a halberdier and daughter of a minor noble. The two were soon betrothed. Tragically, Lilanna disapeared along with most of her patrol after being attacked by orcs and hobgoblins in the Loftwood in 599 CY. Devastated, Magnus has since devoted his life to eradicating the southern hordes. He currently lives in Ratikhill, where as an elite lieutenant in the Ratikkan army he leads frequent clandestine raids into Bone March, secretly hoping to personally slay the orcs that murdered his beloved.

Magnus is attempting to infiltrate Spinecastle posing as a foreign trader. If he fails to track down the orc leader who killed Liliana, he at least hopes to free a few enslaved Ratikkans, if possible.." -hunter

Magnus won't let anything deter him from his revenge, not even the gods." -Mortellan