BUBBAGUMP GRUMBLEFOOT (CE Male Halfling Cleric 14/ Rogue 5/ Assassin 9)

"Bubbagump Grumblefoot is an innocuous-looking hairfeet halfling of middling years topped with curly brown hair going a little gray at the temples. In the manner of most halflings he typically goes unshod. However, beneath his shirt is a fine suit of elven chainmail enchanted with a number of surprises. His plain leather vest is likewise enchanted with several properties. Thanks to the magic of this vest Bubbagump is able to summon his wicked-looking envenomed daggers into his hands. These weapons are consecrated to Tharizdun, Bubbagump's patron. Bubbagump, or "Gump" as he is called by those who think they are his friends, is a master of disguise who prefers the appearance of a normal (non-adventuring, non-dangerous) guy. His usual expression is friendly and somewhat bland, though when "working" (that is, assassinating the enemies of He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named) he sometimes allows a glint of pure wicked glee to seep onto his face.
Once a simple halfling farmer living near Narwell on the Wild Coast, Bubbagump Grumblefoot stumbled onto his current career quite by accident. On a trip into town to gather a few supplies and perhaps down a pint or two at the local inn Bubbagump happened to meet an adventuring party that had apparently just completed a successful mission. Fascinated by their tales, he stayed listening for several hours, inadvertently drinking far too much. He woke up incarcerated with them, not remembering much at all of what happened.
But the adventurers were friendly and paid the fine he had incurred for public drunkenness out of their own pockets. Upon hearing his description of what his wife would do to him when he returned home, one of the adventurers gave him a small trinket from the treasures they had accumulated suggesting it might quiet her. The trinket, a small statue resembling a grotesque human-like figure, appeared to be very old and of little value, but Bubbagump thought perhaps he could talk his sharp-tongued wife into believing it was valuable and thereby turn aside her rage.
Unfortunately, the statue was dedicated to Tharizdun and carried a potent curse. The morning after his return home, Bubbagump awoke with whispers in his head, darkness in his heart, and blood on his mind. He immediately left home to follow the voices, leaving a stunned and surprised wife without a look behind. For the next two decades he traveled throughout the central Flanaess, seeking and finding those who could teach him how to make the most of his budding madness. He has now become a powerful priest of the god of insanity and an accomplished assassin.
Bubbagump currently lives in a small apartment in Greyhawk's Slum Quarter, beneath which he has painstakingly constructed a hidden lair. From there he and his "pets" (a trio of horribly mutated and twisted halflings rumored to be his own children) work secretly to discover the means of freeing the Lord of Madness, ruthlessly eliminating any who stand in their way."

"Bubbagump once tried to work with the local cult of Tharizdun. It didn't go so well..." -Mortellan