FALSTAFF (Male half-bronze dragon Sor7/Ftr2/Dragon Disciple 4)

Pictured with Falstaff are his two familiars, Shadow the dog and Caeruleus the hawk.

"Falstaff's past and future are clouded with flurries of questions. Not many but himself knows his past. He keeps to himself when this topic comes up but has given his companions a few things to ponder on. They know he has enemies in his past and that he would like to avoid them if at all possible. They also know that his parents were slaughtered by giants. Unfortunately he witnessed the brutal killing and this is the event that set his life on its current course. He is very talented and knowledgeable in the ways of magic. His spectacular works of fire have aided the party many times in battle. Also he is beginning to show changes in his skin and most recently learned he has somehow gained the ability to breath fire. Could Falstaff possibly be a dragon or from dragon heritage. Only the future knows the answers to the enigma that is Falstaff." -Maxwriter

"As an added note, Falstaff's patron god is Zagyg...." -Mortellan