Special kudos to Wolfsire, the Devoted Disciple of Delleb who keeps this list current
with my ever-expanding roster of comic characters.

Align: NG (Nubile Gloomy)
Portfolio: Spring, East Wind, Renewal, Empty Dance Cards
Dogma: Be Mine!/Hell hath no fury … I am not a doormat!
Highlights: "Brewfesting" "Bath Time"

Align: CE(CN) (Cavernously Encrusted, cthonically naughty)
Portfolio: Malice, Caves, Pits, Black holes (and other unmentionables)
Dogma: Spiked gauntlet, for her pleasure./ Yucky yaya./ Spelunk me!
Highlights: "Shapechange"

BOCCOB (The Uncaring)
Alignment: TN (Transcendental Non-Partisan)
Portfolio: Balance, Foresight, All things magic (doesn't work parties)
Dogma: Keep Oerth magical!/Want answers? Need help? Talk to my assistant.
Highlights: "Death n Magic" "Mad God at Work" "The Answer" "Fading Magic" "Retribution" "Irongate" "Crossword" "Swords 2" "Points of Light" "Spellplague" "Waldorf" "Perceptions" "Magic Items"

Align: N (LN) (Niched ,laborious nine-to-five)
Portfolio: Insects, Industriousness (always has a good buzz going)
Dogma: Busy as a bee./Know your role./There is no I in team.
Highlights: "The Proxy" "Ghost Tower" "Premier"

Align: CE (CN) (Chiropteran Emphatic, Cavorting Ne’er-do-well)
Portfolio: Bats, Vampires, Gotham City
Dogma: I vont to suck you Blahd/Fruit Bat?!, Why I odda…/Camazotz! Camazotz!
Highlights: "Gods in Space"

Align: N(G) (Nightsky, gallivanter)
Portfolio: Stars, Space, Wanderers (and U.F.O. crashes)
Dogma: Use your sextant/To boldly go where no man has gone before/Like a diamond in the sky/10,9,8...
Highlights: "Flat Oerth" "Gods in Space" "Gods in Space 2" "G.i.S 2.5" "Needfest Special 3"

Align: CG (Campy Grandeur)
Portfolio: Elves, Magic, Warfare, Music, Art (and androgyny)
Dogma: Two eyes are better than one./It's maaaagic!/I'm all ears.
Highlights: "Creation Myth" "Module Parody 4" "The Outside" "Secret ID" "Restrooms" "Needfest Special 2"

St. CUTHBERT (The Cudgel)
Align: LG(LN) (Level-headed Gent, laudable nut)
Portfolio: Wisdom, Zeal, Truth, Common Sense (Duh)
Dogma: Smite evil!/I'll knock some sense into you!/Honesty is the best policy.
Highlights: "New Holiday" "RPGs are Bad" "Needfest Special" "Saint Setback" "Retribution" "Petition" "Hot Off Press" "Caddyhawk 4" "Morality" "Oligarchy"

Align: CG (Creating Gateways)
Portfolio: Portals, Doors, Enclosures, Locks, Keys (Of course it is a metaphor)
Dogma: Open says-a-me/Now who is the dolt, Vatun, Huh?/I am the keymaker.
Highlights: "Where's Vatun?"

Align: LG (Literary Genius)
Portfolio: Intellect, Reason, Study (Book worms)
Dogma: Reading is fundamental./Choose with your brain not your heart./The proper study of mankind is books.
Highlights: "Orcus Strikes!" "Wastri's Woes" "Animals" "Deep Thought" "The Code" "City of the Gods" "Cliques" "Pantheon" "Map Antics" "Greylore 1" "Greylore 2" "Greylore 3"

DEMOGORGON (The Prince of Demons)
Align: CE (Crazy Ettin)
Portfolio: Man Drills, Bilious Spheres, Savage Parties, Ixit .. xa? .. oh, whatever, Codpieces!
Dogma: Double Trouble/Plop, plop, fizz, fizz/My Shami-Amourae, la la la la la la la.
Highlights: "Orcus Strikes!" "Minis 3"

Align: N(g) (Not greater)
Portfolio: Material Dimensions, Material Elements, Outcast of the Gods (Lateral” Promotions, Fireworks)
Dogma: Rain drops keep falling on my head/All we are is dust in the wind.
Highlights: "Pariah"

EHLONNA (of the Forests)
Align: NG (Naturalist Game-warden)
Portfolio: Forests, Flowers, Animals (and their Ethical Treatment)
Dogma: Do you have a hunting permit?/Only you can prevent forest fires./Every rose has its thorn.
Highlights: "New Holiday" "Module Parody 5" "Regift" "Wear Green" "Spell List"

Align: CN (Cagey Nipper)
Portfolio: Mischief, Change, Rogues, Cloaks and Boots
Dogma: I am the lizard king; I can do anything/Now you see me; Now you don’t (i.e. Elven Eraser).
Highlights: "Needfest Special 2" "Double Entendre"

ERYTHNUL (the Many)
Align: CE(N) (Combative Envious, nasty)
Portfolio: Malice, Envy, Ugliness, Slaughter and Hate (Never knew his daddy)
Dogma: Thou shalt covet your neighbor./I'm only happy when I'm angry./If it bleeds it can be killed.
Highlights: "Grouches" "Wormy topic" "Module Parody 8" "Doomed Duo" "Sneezes" "Spinecastle" "Gencon Special 3" "Needfest Special 3"

Align: N(G) (Navigator, gnarly)
Portfolio: Distance, Travel (campfire songs)
Dogma: Run, Fharlanghn, Run./Where I lay my head is home./Wherever you go, there you are.
Highlights: "Poster Map" "Directions" "Wintery Scenery" "Flat Oerth" "City of the Gods" "Hex Hike" "Map Antics" "Greylore 1" "Greylore 2" "Greylore 3"

Align: LG (Lithic Guardian)
Portfolio: Stone, Metal, Mountains, Guardianship (and smelting chimney hats)
Dogma: It's hammer time./Forswear-o d'derro. Highlights: "Got Milk?" "The Outside" "Doomed Duo" "Changing Sides" "City of Clay"

Align: LG (ng) (Long-nose Gemologist, a real noniz's gnome)
Portfolio: Gnomes, Protection, Trickery (and advanced micro-weapon technology)
Dogma: Pickin’ and grinnin’/Pull my finger. Highlights: "Creation Myth" "The Outside"

GRAZ'ZT (the Dark Prince)
Align: CE (Charming Ebonite)
Portfolio: Abat-Dolor, Seduction, Guile (and little black books)
Dogma: Duodecimal Domination!/Who’s Yo Daddy?/Just a Gigolo, everywhere I go. Highlights: "Graz'zt Show" "Top Ten List" "Interview" "Raxivort part 2" "Retribution" "Outsource" "Volunteer" "Bleep Beholder" "Top 10 List" "Xvart Mime"

Align: CE (Caustic Eyed)
Portfolio: Orcs, War, Territory (and late night infomercial surfing)
Dogma: Where there's a whip, there's a way./Eye'll be back!/I got my eye on you. Highlights: "Module Parody 8" "Breakfast Time" "Needfest Special 2" "Spinecastle" "Gencon Special 3" "The Speech"

Align: LG (Lead-body Gallant)
Portfolio: Chivalry, War, Honor (i.e. Won't hit a guy with glasses)
Dogma: Serve and Protect./Truth, Justice and the Greyhawk Way!
Highlights: "Sibling Rivalry" "Warring Gods" "Hextor Strikes Back" "Ghost Tower" "Caption Contest 2" "300 Heironeans" "Origin" "Cool Bahamut" "Needfest Special 3" "Grief"

Align: NG (Noggin Gleaming)
Portfolio: Bards, Musicians (especially over the hill rock stars)
Dogma: In-a-gadda-da-vida/Mystical Organ and Handy Haversack says it all, man.
Highlights: "Needfest Special" "Parody Relics 2" "Cliques" "Needfest Special 3" "G.i.S.3" "G.i.S.4" "G.i.S.5"

Align: LE (Lots-a-Limbed Enforcer)
Portfolio: Tyranny, War, Fitness (Jump Rope and Push Up Champ)
Dogma: Survival of the fittest./No quarter!/Rule with several iron fists.
Highlights: "Warring Gods" "Hextor Strikes Back" "Herald Hijinx" "Wormy topic" "Shapechange" "Herald Hijinx 2" "Sneezes" "Origin" "Spinecastle" "Cool Bahamut" "Needfest Special 3" "Evil Agents" "Proverb"

Align: CE (Conjuring Elegance)
Portfolio: Witches, Demonology, mother of Iuz (but maaaa'am)
Dogma: Demons are a girl's best friend/ Baby Yaya/ She's a black magic woman.
Highlights: "Raxivort part 2" "Witch Queen" "Outsource" "Volunteer" "Needfest Special 3" "Xvart Mime"

INCABULOS (The Black Rider)
Align: NE (Nightmarishly Endemic)
Portfolio: Plagues, Famines, Nightmares, Droughts, etc., etc. (and prom-night pimples aka hag-rhea)
Dogma: God bless you./For the Apocalypse, Sauron and the Nazgul all in one!/Welcome to my nightmare.
Highlights: "Shift Change" "Evil Ideas" "Little Evils" "Extortion"

ISTUS (Lady of Our Fate)
Align: N (Not-applicable)
Portfolio: Fate, Presdestination, Future
Dogma: I knew you'd say that./Fortune favors the young and bold./Even your child could grow up to be a despot, deal with it.
Highlights: "Board Meeting" "The Answer" "Board Meeting 2" "Pariah" "Premier"

Align: LG (Lofty and Grizzled)
Portfolio: Hills, Mountains, Hillbillies (and most likely Nascar)
Dogma: I tell you what!/What has roots as nobody sees?/ King of the Hill.
Highlights: "Changing Sides" "City of Clay"

Align: N (NG) (Napalm, nicely grilled)
Portfolio: Fire, volcanoes, anger, quarrels (and saucy robotic songbirds)
Dogma: I'm hot blooded./Satisfaction came in the chain reaction.
Highlights: "Fiery Debate" "Ghost Tower" "Award show" "Carousing"

KELANEN (The Prince of Swords)
Align: N (Nimble and Needling)
Portfolio: Swords, Sword Skills, Balance (skillful sword balancing, skillfully balanced swords)
Dogma: Practice, practice, practice!/Look, Ma, no hands!/Be edgy/Final word: “Swords”.
Highlights: "Needfest Special" "Cranky" "Swords" "Swords 2" "Cliques"

KEOGHTOM (The Pulse of the Living Land)
Align: NG (Nocturnal Grappler)
Portfolio: Secret Pursuits, Natural Alchemy, Extraplanar Exploration (Facial Tissue)
Dogma: Check out my manly holy symbol/Yeah, they named a whole kingdom after me (sniff!)/Amply apply ointment/The “GH” is silent
Highlights: "Needfest Special" "Cranky" "Needfest Special 3"

KORD (the brawler)
Align: CG (Competitive Goon)
Portfolio: Athletics, Brawling, Strength
Dogma: Run away cowards!/The strong must lead the weak./I vill pomp yoo up!
Highlights: "Advertisement" "Module Parody 2" "Godly Disaster" "Mini Fun" "Minis 2" "Cliques" "Anything Item"

Align: CN (Cutpurse Negligent)
Portfolio: Jealousy, Revenge, Theft, (and Aggressive Coin Clipping)
Dogma: Now is the winter of our discontent./You know, I wish that I had Zilchus’ girl./Gazpacho?
Highlights: "Why Be Jealous" "Pageant"

Align: NE (Necrotically Envisioned)
Portfolio: Creation and Mastery of Undead (nothing else, just undead)
Dogma: The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out./ Dem bones, dem bones, gonna walk about./ Sulm Moore, mi Amedio?
Highlights: "Interview"

Align: LN (Languid Never-ending)
Portfolio: Time, Patience, Study
Dogma: Just look at the big picture./Respect your elders./What's the rush, sonny?
Highlights: "Board Meeting" "Performance Review" "Spoke too Soon" "Mini Fun" "Secret ID" "Saint Setback" "Board Meeting 2" "Minis 2" "End of Times"

Align: CG (Canto Gal)
Portfolio: Poetry, Prose, Literature, Art (including WoG comics)
Dogma: Biblio-bop/ A picture and a 1000 words./ Be my book worm.
Highlights: "The Code"

Align: CE (Creepy Ensnaring)
Portfolio: Drow, Spiders, Darkness (and Mass Merchandizing)
Dogma: Welcome to my parlor./I could go for a bite./Once you go Drow you never go back.
Highlights: "Module Parody 4" "Drow Plots" "Mini Fun" "Needfest Special 2" "Pageant" "Book Tour" "Xvart Mime"

LYDIA (Lady of Enlightenment)
Align: NG (Noisy Gnostic/ Napster & Google)
Portfolio: Music, Knowledge, Daylight (Things to make your Needfest bright and gay)
Dogma: You begin with do-re-mi./A rainbow in the hand.../Music soothed the savage beast.
Highlights: "Grouches" "Godly tryout" "Deep Thought" "Crossword" "Cliques" "Pantheon"

MAGLUBIYET (the Iron One)
Align: NE (Nuclear Eyeballs)
Portfolio: War, Goblins, Hobgoblins (and other gobbledygook)
Dogma: Revel in conflict and destruction/Fore!/ Never say defeat!
Highlights: "Gencon Special 3"

Align: LG (Lady Guardian)
Portfolio: Valor, Justice, Protection (Advocates safe sex)
Dogma: I am no damsel in distress./Fight the good fight./I didn't come all this way for nothing.
Highlights: "Module Parody 5" "One Liners" "Godly tryout" "O.J.18 Comic" "Heal n Hit On" "Hogs n Frogs" "Gods in Space 2" "G.i.S 2.5" "Caddyhawk 1"

Align: LE (NE) (Ligament Exposing, Not Epidermal)
Portfolio: Death, Darkness, Murder (Cardiothoracic Surgery for specialty priests)
Dogma:Cuss Kyuss/Trouble ahead, the deity in red, take my advice you’d be better of dead.
Highlights: "Gods in Space"

MORADIN (the Soulforger)
Align: LG (Long-beard Gaveller)
Portfolio: Dwarves, Smithing, Forging (and that clang-clang sound you hear on Law and Order)
Dogma: Louder!/Keep on pounding/Quench and quash/Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work we go.
Highlights: "Creation Myth" "The Outside" "Blueprint"

MURLYND (Dr., F.K.O., M.L.G.T.S.A)
Align: LG (Loaded Gun)
Portfolio: Retro-Magical Technology (revolvers, VCRS, etc.)
Dogma:Do you feel lucky, punk?/Uzi Iuz./Did you say “Stinking” badges?/Spoon! (oh, sorry, that is the Tick)
Highlights: "Gods in Space" "Hogs n Frogs" "Gods in Space 2" "G.i.S 2.5" "Needfest Special 3"

Align: NG (Naughty Good-looking)
Portfolio: Love, Beauty and Romance (High Maintenance)
Dogma: Loves hurts./ Beauty may be skin deep but ugly is to the bone./Love conquers all.
Highlights: "The Proxy" "One Liners" "More Exposure"

Align: NE (Necrotic Enemy)
Portfolio: Death, Darkness and Murder(yes, even harmless kittens)
Dogma: Kill with a smile./ Death is an equal opportunity employer./You will make a lovely corpse.
Highlights: "Board Meeting" "Death n Magic" "The Gambler" "Shift Change" "Herald Hijinx 2" "Saint Setback" "Board Meeting 2" "Irongate" "Cultists 3" "Spinecastle" "Cliques" "Waldorf" "Extortion" "Oligarchy"

Align: CN (Chancy Nonchalant)
Portfolio: Luck, Gambling, Risks and some say Pickup lines
Dogma: I'm all in!/ It's only money./ Have we met before?
Highlights: "The Gambler" "The Proxy" "One Liners" "Walking Out" "Avatars" "She's So Vain" "Restrooms" "Double Entendre" "Carousing" "Double Trouble" "Anything Item"

OBAD-HAI (The Shalm)
Align: N (N.E.P.A.-National Environmental Policy Act)
Portfolio: Nature, Wildlands, Freedom (and it WILL stay that way!)
Dogma: Lion and tigers and bears oh my!/ Shalm means oboe not hobo./Didjeridoo!/Keep the Old Faith!
Highlights: "Ghost Tower" "Grouches" "Cranky" "Cliques" "Needfest Special 3" "Spell List" "Grumbler"

Align: CN (Criminally Noisy)
Portfolio: Music, Rogues, Wine, jokes, Revelry (the life of the party indeed)
Dogma: This round is on me./Party on dude./The show must go on.
Highlights: "Card Game" "Dine-n-Dash" "Wear Green" "Parody Relics 2" "Restrooms" "Cliques" "Needfest Special 3"

Align: CE (Chubby Ewe)
Portfolio: Undead, Demons, The Deathly Hallows
Dogma: Another notch in the Kuiper belt!/Undead and Reborn/ Don't touch my wand.
Highlights: "Orcus Strikes!" "Minis 3"

Align: LN (Lovingly Nautical)
Portfolio: Water Voyages, Ships and Sea Farers (a different kind of wet nurse)
Dogma: I’m sailing away/Do the Procanotion/Wave goodbye.
Highlights: "Spoke too Soon" "Mystery Isle"

Align: NG (Nuturing Golden)
Portfolio: Sun (plus good tans), Healing, Strength
Dogma: Take two of these and call me in the morning./Let the sun shine in./A day without sunlight is like well, night.
Highlights: "Board Meeting" "Don't Touch!" "The Answer" "Module Parody 4" "Heal n Hit On" "Board Meeting 2" "Points of Light" "Caddyhawk 1" "Caddyhawk 3" "Caddyhawk 4" "Pantheon" "Waldorf" "Extortion" "Reinstate" "Oligarchy"

Align: CG (Cocksure Gutsy)
Portfolio: Air, Win, Clouds, Archery (and Ted Nugent wannabes)
Dogma: Always lead your target./Fowl, not foul./Chaos, but not dis-Kord./Bird is the Word.
Highlights: "Grouches" "Regift" "Gods in Space"

Align: LG (N)(Loyally Gleaming,neat)
Portfolio: Light, Order(includes landscaping), Sun and Moons
Dogma: I AM THE LAW!/ O'Blinding Light.../ A hot stake is better than a cold chop.
Highlights: "Board Meeting" "Poster Map" "Evil Ideas" "Godly tryout" "Board Meeting 2" "Pale Anthem" "Hot Off Press" "Pantheon" "Reinstate"

Align: )
Highlights: "Caddyhawk 1" "Caddyhawk 4"

Align: )
Highlights: "Caddyhawk 4"
"Bath Time"

Align: NE (Nervous Executioner)
Portfolio: Fire, Poison, Murder (Messier the better)
Dogma: Dirty deeds done dirt cheap./You gotta sleep sometime!/Where there's smoke there's fire.
Highlights: "Module Parody 3" "Rewind" "Caddyhawk 1" "Caddyhawk 2" "Caddyhawk 3" "Caddyhawk 4"

RALISHAZ (the Unlooked For)
Align: CN (CE) (Confusing Nondescript,cheating entity)
Portfolio: Misfortune, Ill luck, Insanity (You name it he has it)
Dogma: Jinx!/ Better luck next time./ The voices made me do it.
Highlights: "Card Game" "Wear Green" "Needfest Special 3"

Align: LG (Logically Gentle)
Portfolio: Peace, Serenity, Reason (and Hippies)
Dogma: Give peace a chance./Live long and prosper.
Highlights: "Board Meeting" "Crooked Idea" "Award show" "Intervention" "The Code" "Greypeanuts" "Board Meeting 2" "Caddyhawk 2" "Caddyhawk 4" "Reinstate"

Align: CE (Cobalt Enfant-terrible)
Portfolio: Xvarts, Rats, Bats and sharp pointy things
Dogma: Cut em down to size!/Back the Pack./If you Were xvart you would be special.
Highlights: "Peeping Demigod" "The Proxy" "Rewind" "Wear Green" "Raxivort part 1" "Raxivort part 2" "Gencon Special 3" "Resolution" "Xvart Mime"

Align: CN (CG) (Cleverly Nimble, canny gambler)
Portfolio: Chance, Good luck, Skill (A big show off)
Dogma: Take a chance./ Always smile, even in defeat./ When I do it, it looks good.
Highlights: "Card Game" "Directions" "Module Parody 5" "Dine-n-Dash" "Jail Break"

Align: CG (NG) (Consciousness Guardian, Narcotized Gown
Portfolio: Mysticism, Dreams, Far Journeys, Full Moons, Rainbow Unicorn Bongs
Dogma: But now it's time for me to go, the autumn moon lights my way/Glamour with Bling-Bling Gowns
Highlights: "Secret ID" "Needfest Special 2"

Align: CG (CN) (Credit Guru, Constant Napper)
Portfolio: Summer, South Wind, Ease, Comfort, Zilchus’s wallet
Dogma: Relax/Summer breeze makes you feel fine/ Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?/Why pay later what you can charge today?
Highlights: "Why Be Jealous" "Brewfesting" "Pageant" "Bath Time"

Align: NE (Night-hag Evasive)
Portfolio: Treachery, Deceit, Lies (and tabloids)
Dogma: There's a sucker born every minute./I give you my word.
Highlights: "The Card" "Greypeanuts" "Ruin Scam" "Anything Item"

Align: CN (Cold North-wind)
Portfolio: Cold north-wind (there is something to be said for specialization)
Dogma: Chill out./I'm dreaming of a white Oerth./The Iceman cometh.
Highlights: "Wintery Scenery" "Where's Vatun?"

Align: E (Entropic)
Portfolio: Eternal Darkness, Insanity, Decay (patron of sadistic dentists)
Dogma: Turn off the lights the party is over. "Don't Touch!"

Align: LE (Lizardly Emblazoned)
Portfolio: Evil dragons, Conquest, Greed (Alimony)
Dogma: Krynn-g Oerthlings!/ Five heads are better than one./ Bahamut my butt. "O.J.18 Comic"

TRITHEREON (The Summoner)
Align: CG (Concerned Gets-even)
Portfolio: Liberty, Retribution, Self Defense (and trained hunting animals)
Dogma: The best defense is a good offense./ FREEEEDOM!/ Eye for an eye.
Highlights: "Advertisement" "Module Parody 2" "Ghost Tower" "Animals" "Retribution" "Needfest Special 3"

Align: LG (Loving Gemologist)
Portfolio: Hills, Gemstones, Mountains (no not those kind of mountains)
Dogma: Oo-la-la./These rocks don't lose their shape./Rubies are a girl's best friend. Highlights: "The Outside" "O.J.18 Comic"

Dogma: Highlights: "Caddyhawk 1" "Caddyhawk 2" "Caddyhawk 4"

Dogma: Highlights: "Cultists 5"

VECNA (the Whispered One)
Align: NE (Nefarious Eerie)
Portfolio: Destructive and Evil Secrets (he knows when you've been bad or good)
Dogma: I have my Eye on you./ Give me a Hand./ /why? Kas I said so!
Highlights: "Module Parody 1" "Creation Myth" "Needfest Special" "Wormy topic" "O.J.17 Comic" "O.J.18 Comic" "The Code" "The Vecna Job" "Brewfesting" "Ruin Scam" "Premier" "Spellplague" "Waldorf" "CthulHool"

Align: LN (E) (Lumpy Narrow-minded,extremist)
Portfolio: Bigotry, Amphibians, Racial Perfection (aka Self-Deception)
Dogma: The *meep* shall inherit the Oerth./Eww demi-humans are so revolting!
Highlights: "Board Meeting" "Peeping Demigod" "Wastri's Woes" "Wear Green" "The Outside" "Hogs n Frogs" "Gencon Special 3" "Resolution" "CthulHool"

Align: LN(LE) (Legal Narcissist, Lusty Enchantress)
Portfolio: Magic, Death, Vanity, Law (and more next edition)
Dogma: Let sleeping dead lie./Does this robe make me look fat?/You can never have too much magic.
Highlights: "Poster Map" "Death n Magic" "Performance Review" "Walking Out" "Avatars" "She's So Vain" "Pageant" "Petition" "Cliques" "Spellplague" "Proverb" "Double Trouble" "Anything Item"

Align: CG (Coquettish Growler)
Portfolio: Autumn, Harvest, West wind, Brewing (and Endless polkas)
Dogma: Kiss me I'm Airish./99 bottles of beer on the wall.../John Barleycorn must die!
Highlights: "Wear Green" "Brewfesting" "Restrooms"

Align: N (Nightshade)
Portfolio: Twilight, Shadows, Stealth (Peace, love and harmony-in the dark!)
Dogma: Once you go black, you never go back./Only the shadow knows.
Highlights: "O.J.18 Comic" "Pageant" "Carousing"

Align: N (Nautical)
Portfolio: Sea, Business, Water Travel (watch for those icebergs)
Dogma: Deal with your head not your heart./Save the whales!
Highlights: "The Proxy" "Spoke too Soon" "Mystery Isle"

Align: LG (Little Gardener)
Portfolio: Halflings, Protection, Fertility (and huge pink bunny slippers)
Dogma: Play nice/Eat your vegetables/Don’t mess with Mama Furry Toes.
Highlights: "Creation Myth" "The Outside"

Align: CN(G) (Comedic Nutso, garish)
Portfolio: Eccentricity, Occult Lore, and Humor (improvisation)
Dogma: Want to see my wand of wonder?/Nothing better than a captive audience./All work and no play makes Zagyg a dull boy.
Highlights: "Mad God at Work" "Stand Up" "Module Parody 8" "Intervention" "Gods in Space" "Ruin Scam" "Gods in Space 2" "G.i.S 2.5" "Premier" "Caddyhawk 4" "Needfest Special 3" "Perceptions" "G.i.S.3" "EGG Tribute" "G.i.S.4" "G.i.S.5" "Magic Items" "G.i.S.6" "Oligarchy"

Align: LN (Luxurious Negotiator)
Portfolio: Power, Prestige, Business, Money (with stock options)
Dogma: Let's make a deal./It takes money to make money./Think big!
Highlights: "The Proxy" "O.J.17 Comic" "Why Be Jealous" "Profits" "Ruin Scam" "Pageant" "Outsource" "Caddyhawk 4" "Blueprint" "Reinstate"

Align: N (Nunchaku-noodle)
Portfolio: Physical and Mental mastery (Heee-YA!)
Dogma: Fists of fury./The servant waits while the master debates./chopping them up and chopping them down./Scarlet Belt, HA!
Highlights: "Got Milk?"