Aug 15th, 2007: Yup it's time for another deity in the religion series by CruelSummerLord. Lucky for us he has chosen to write about an obscure but popular god in Incabulos. There is alot of useful information on Incabulos' dogma and myths. This bit caught my eye immediately:
"It is said that he only participated in the rising against Dread Tharizdun out of necessity, and is only tolerated for his role in keeping the Dark Lord enthralled with nightmares so he does not wake up."
Think about it, Incabulos keeps big T asleep! What was the other deities' roles then? Tuck him in? Read him a bed time story? Check the closet for the bogey man? Pfft! Incabulos must have one over on all the gods in that deal. It's leverage on a cosmic scale. Check out what I mean, then have a second look at the article. Enjoy.

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