August 12th, 2007: This week's parody review is by frequent greychatter, Ancient Gamer aka BusterBudd. In his third article for canonfire we read about the generals and lieutenants of Turrosh Mak. His NPC profiles are short and sweet, easy enough to port into a game on the fly. Good stuff. But what Ancient Gamer left out was this classic halftime speech by Gruumsh to Turrosh Mak and his Fighting Orcish horde. Just hum the Notre Dame fight song and you'll be ready for a battle in no time. Read the article and enjoy.
p.s. Quij is the orcish hero-henchman of Lord Robilar, Robert J Kuntz's infamous character. As the story goes, after an incident in the Temple of Elemental Evil, Quij went to the Pomarj. His legend continues in the next generation of goblinoid heroes.

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