July 23rd, 2007: This is a new thing I'm trying so there will be no regular release time except when I'm caught up, then I will try to release a comic in sync with the release of each new article on Canonfire. Why? Because in light of recent events this year, Canonfire is poised to carry on the Greyhawk fight and every bit of publicity helps the fan authors here. So don't think of the comic as a scathing review of the articles but a humorous hook to read the subject matter depicted. This first installment is by CruelSummerLord, who is one of Canonfire's most prolific authors. He is currently embroiled in a series on the gods and has already done Heironeous, Pelor and Nerull for the site. CSL's take on GH subjects is always fresh and forward thinking. I found some tidbits in his article on Boccob that really impressed on me, and I'm fairly sure he thought of many things even SKR didn't for Dragon Magazine's Core Beliefs. So check out the link and enjoy.

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