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Maldin's Greyhawk

New Magic Items

by Denis Tetreault
 Version 1.0

Charged or One-Shot Items

Web Capsules

When these 2 inch diameter white spheres are thrown at an opponent or solid surface, there is a 95% chance they burst, expelling a 10 foot diameter sphere of sticky webs which lasts for 6 turns (as web spell). They can be hurled (according to grenade-like missile rules) or used as a sling stone. If a character carrying web capsules falls, there is a 20% chance per 10 foot distance fallen (checked per capsule) of a capsule exploding, unless special precautions are taken.
Web Capsules can be used by any character class.

Permanent Items

Black Pearl of Alignment

This very rare item resembles a large pea-sized black bead that radiates magic. When carried for a minimum of 24 hours, the pearl masks the alignment of the bearer to all detection spells. If carried continuously for a week, the bearer can alter their alignment aura by thought to any desired alignment, yielding false information from any spell or magic item performing know alignment, detect good/evil, or true seeing. Very few of these pearls have been found, though disturbingly, one was recently discovered on the body of a Scarlet Brotherhood spy captured by the Mayor's Special Guard in the city of Irongate.
Any character can use a black pearl, however some classes would likely never knowingly use one (such as paladins and lawful-good aligned priests).

Black Ice Blade

Black ice blades are dagger-sized weapons enchanted from stygian ice. They feel cold in the hand, though not uncomfortably so, have a leather-wrapped bronze handle and short guard, and a black, razor-sharp, crystalline blade. The blades will not chip, and are virtually unbreakable. If a sufficient force does manage to break or damage the blade, the enchantment that preserves it is lost, and the blade quickly melts away into harmless water. Black ice blades normally have an enchantment of +2 to hit and damage. When held, they also provide a +2 bonus to all saves vs. cold.

Fire Cloak

When a command word is spoken, this normal-looking cloak functions as the spell fire shield. When active, the wizard is sheathed in thin wispy flames that shed no heat. Light given off is equivalent to only half that of a normal torch. Any cold-based attacks are saved against with a +2 bonus, and either half normal or no damage is sustained. There is no bonus against fire-based attacks, but if the wizard fails to make the required saving throw (if any) against them, he sustains double normal damage.
A fire cloak can be used by wizards and sorcerers.

Periapt of Poison Detection

This item resembles a small carved gem. When submersed in a liquid or placed in contact with an object, the gem will change color if a poison is present. The color indicates the type of poison present. Blue indicates a sleep poison, red indicates a poison that causes physical damage, green indicates a poison which causes a physical illness, yellow indicates a mental affect of some kind, and black indicates a death poison. The periapt can normally be any of these colors, but cannot detect the one type of poison represented by that color. For example, a normally red periapt of poison detection cannot detect poisons that cause physical damage (though a poison with multiple effects may show up as something else). Normally colorless or white periapts can detect all types of poison. It should be noted here that there have been some periapts discovered, stored in the hoards of nefarious souls, that were purposely coated with a contact poison to thwart thieves. For example, a black periapt of poison detection may be one that cannot detect death poisons, or may be another type of periapt of poison detection coated with death poison.
Any character class can utilize a periapt of poison detection

Wand of Spell Focusing

Wands of Spell Focusing are items very much in demand. They are not charged, but rather draw upon magical energy from a spellcaster, and focus that energy into a specific spell effect (chosen when the wand is created). Their purpose is to allow wizards more freedom in their memorization choices. For example, a wizard who attempts to cast a spell while holding a wand of magic missile focusing can convert any memorized spell (of a level equal to or higher then the wand's assigned spell effect) into a magic missile spell. What this means is that a wizard could learn a variety of different spells, rather then filling up his 1st level choices with multiple magic missile spells. Wands of spell focusing almost always focus common and popular spells... the ones most frequently memorized by the average wizard, and normally are of low level spells. These wands usually duplicate 1st level spells (70%), but may also duplicate 2nd level spells (25%), 3rd level spells (4%), or higher (1%). Wands of magic missile focusing are actually the most common type, for obvious reasons, and make up fully 40% of all wands of focusing.
Only wizards may use wands of focusing.

Unique Items

The Mask of Iggwilv

While now known as the Mask of Iggwilv, it is believed that Iggwilv did not create it, but rather "acquired" it early in her infamous career. If it had another name, it was lost long ago. The Mask is composed of a thin unbreakable ceramic, glazed white with blood-red patterning (see pg 55 of Return of the Eight). When held up to the face, the Mask attaches itself firmly (without straps) and can only be removed if the wearer so wills it (or dies). Once belonging to Iggwilv's mentor, the mask bestows upon its wearer the ability to see polymorphed or shape-changed beings as they truly are, even through magical resistance (-40% to MR rolls). All reaction rolls (including for summoning purposes) made for the wearer are calculated as if she had an 18 charisma. Once per day the wearer can cast each of the following spells: suggestion, command, charm person; and once per week can cast: charm monster, demand. Wearing the mask for extended periods of time has an unfortunate side affect... Each week of use permanently lowers Comeliness by 1 point, to a low of 6 (hence the owner eventually takes to the practice of never taking it off).

The Ring of Marchanter

Crafted by the infamous archmage of Melkot himself, the Ring of Marchanter is a fitting symbol of his power. Former servants and hirelings confirm that Marchanter wore his ring at all times, although none knew what it did, if anything. It was presumably lost when Marchanter disappeared in CY 548. All that is known is that the ring is manufactured of an unknown metal, set with a carved, red gemstone. The carving was Marchanter's symbol, a pentagram with a stylized eye in the center, and two towers behind. The Sons' of Marchanter use copies of this ring (based on the memories of Melkotia Castle survivors) as their symbol, and would like nothing more then to find the original. All attempts to locate it have thus far failed.

The original Ring is in fact composed of the outer-planar metal tantulhor, set with a perfect xenincoluite gem, and is powerfully enchanted. When worn, the Ring of Marchanter provides a bonus of +2 to Willpower, and +20% Magic Resistance. It stores 25 spell levels (as a purple ioun stone), and the wearer gains true seeing once per day, as the spell. Perhaps most interesting, and likely the reason why the special gemstone was used, the Ring functions much as an amulet of life protection (including immunity to possession by magic jar), except at the moment the wearer would be slain, not only does their psyche enter the ring for protection, but also their physical body and all current possessions. There is no time limit to this state.


The Ashen Staff

The Ashen Staff is a 3-part artifact responsible in part for the Rain of Colorless Fire that destroyed the Suel Empire and laid waste thousands of square miles. Please see its newly added full description on my Secrets of the Twin Cataclysms page.

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